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Nicole Meng, 4, and Yan Zhang, 2

The two other Americans listed on the flight manifest were brother and sister Nicole Meng, 4, and Yan Zhang, 2. Until today it remains unclear whether the toddlers were traveling alone or with parents from China or another country, living in the United States when they were born, or traveling with American parents with dual citizenships or a guardian.

Where is page 1 of the Cargo manifest

We have all seen the Cargo manifest for this flight, and questions have arisen over, quantities, contents, batteries etc. I do not remember ever seeing page 1 of the cargo manifest. Has anyone seen it?


All the documents that I have seen start from page 2.


Going North

The last thing I want to do is start another set of theories. However after reading various articles posted on Duncan Steel's website, working on a northern ark assumption. With the flight possibly ending in Tibet, I start looking at developments over a year or so.


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