Possible MH370 debris sighting off coast of Sumatra

Here are some photos of possible photographic evidence of wreckage of MH370 off the coast of Sumatra.


I have included links (see below) to the Tomnod image maps ( just click on X in intro message to load map). I have been looking at these images for several months now and I cannot imagine what else this debris could be that has similar size and appearance as parts from a 777-200 aircraft. If this photo is true, and these are indeed plane parts, then this must be parts from MH370 because what other aircraft, like this, could have been floating in this area of the Indian Ocean on March 16th, 2014 at 4:44am?

Remember a photograph does not lie only our perception of them can be wrong. Either my perception of these photos are wrong, in which case it is an astonishing optical illusion, or the images are true and our perception of what happened to MH370 is completely wrong.

Maybe MH370 did not crash on March 8th but rather it landed safely somewhere and then was ditched into the ocean being captured by satellite here on March 16th. Whatever did occur these images seem to suggest that the current offical theory, that MH370 crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, is completely wrong.

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Here are links to oringinal Tomnod image maps (Click X on intro message to see maps)



Additional debris objects (all within close proximity):






Here are more closeup and enhanced photos. (images courtesy of Michael John)





What an actual B777 crash looks like in a satellite photo. Do you see similiarities?


Reverse drift model based on physical evidence of all debris pieces found so far in Africa.



Forward Drift Model: Click on image to animate.

Forward drift models from Sumatra

Forward drift model: http://www.adrift.org.au/map?lat=0&lng=90.7&center=96.2&startmon=Mar


Here is how a buoy was tracked in the Indian Ocean between JUL 2014 and SEP 2015. It shows how debris from this area may have drifted towards Reunion Island and Africa.


Here is where that woman (Raja) saw an aircraft like object floating in the water on March 8th,2014

Debris location

Location of this debris was determined by comparing cloud formations in the Tomnod images against the image map in the DigitalGlobe (DG) online database using the website Apollo Mapping which is a DG image reseller.  Using this method I was able to determine the approxiamate location of these debris objects that were captured on March 16th, 2014 at 4:44UTC.

Link to Hi-Res image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hu14x7m946ndsb/MH370_Sumatra_debris_location_...

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