Press Statement Voice370 Nov 14

Press Statement by Voice370, 10th November 2014

Families of MAS370 Passengers shocked and confused over media statement from MAS director about declaration of loss of MH370

It has been eight agonizing months since MH370 went missing with our loved ones abroad. The families of passengers and crews are grateful for the Search Progress Update from JACC. This information, which is also available to the general public through their website, is our only

source of news on the progress being made on the search in the Southern Indian Ocean. Upon Voice370s request, JACC has begun to translate the Search Progress Updates to Mandarin, ensuring the MH370 families in China are included in the same information loop. The

Chinese Next of Kin (NOKs) have suffered tremendous emotional stress due to a void in official and reliable information in the language they can understand. The MH370 families are very disappointed by MAS Family Support Centre (FSC), who have refused on several occasions

simple practical appeals from the families, such as translations for the JAAC/ATSB press statements.


On Nov 4th, news headlines blared MH370 to be declared lost by year endadding further blows and heartbreaks to the NOKs 8-month ordeal. It was elaborated in the contents of the news that the Australia and Malaysia governments are collaborating to set a date for the official

declaration of the loss of MH370. The harbinger of this shocking news, Malaysia Airlines Commercial Director Hugh Dunleavy even had the audacity to speculate that this was likely to be by the end of this year. Mr. Dunleavy also urged relatives of those lost aboard MH370 to be

patient as MAS was working to pay compensation as well as battling to rebuild its reputation. Is Mr. Dunleavy implying that the compensation is coming from the empty coffers of MAS? Legal counsel have informed us NOKs that all compensation would come solely from the

insurers. So we wonder why MAS is calculating compensation on behalf of the insurers. The official channels of information for the NOKs are the MAS FSC and JACC. Therefore what is the agenda behind such an astounding quote coming from a MAS Director, especially since

Phase 2 of the search for MH370 has just begun. Such unilateral declaration brings intense agony and confusions to family members and makes us lose faith in the search effort. The NOKs are bewildered by this press statement from Mr. Dunleavy. We begin to question who

is in charge? Who is calling the shots? Is it not correct that the JACC/Australia Government take the lead in the MH370 search effort in the Southern Indian Ocean, while the Malaysia Government is in charge of investigations. Only recently the Australian ATSB signed a multimillion dollar contract to search a large swath

of the 7th Arc in the Southern Indian Ocean. To date, only a small fraction (3000 sq. km) of it has been thoroughly searched. JACC, in a recent face to face meeting with Voice370, explained that they are planning to search as much of designated area as possible before the advent of winter and the associated bad

weather conditions that come along with it. They have also assured us that all possible efforts will be exhausted before the search is called off. As preparation to further extend the search area in the event the current area does not provide any evidence of MH370, JACC has acquired additional multibeam scan data for an area that now

covers over 160,000 square kilometres within the 7th Arc.

The NOKs are fully aware that the Malaysia Airlines Management has been trying to force a closure upon the families from the very beginning. We are left wondering whether the Insurers have a hand in this forced closure agenda.

In view of this, we NOKs would like JACC/ATSB/Australia and the Malaysian Government to confirm the statement made by Mr. Dunleavy is true and an accurate reflection of the real behind the scenes decision of both governments well as to confirm that

he was authorised to make such a statement. Or did Mr Dunleavy inadvertently let the cat out of the bag, if in fact that is the actual official stand.


We take this opportunity to thank JACC, Australia for keeping us updated on the ongoing search activities. We also wish to record our thanks in advance, to the Malaysia Authorities to clarify the media statement from MAS about declaration of loss of MH370.

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