The MH370 Reality

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There are two main trends of thought that we subscribe to explain the beginning of the world. If you are devout Christian you believe that God created Heaven and Earth, and everything contained therein, in 6 days. As a scientist, however, you may follow the evolutionary format which relies on scientific evidence that the world was created as a result of the “Big Bang Theory”. Irrespective of our beliefs, we must trust that everything in this world is alive in one way or another or has a purpose to fulfil. Just as the human body - the most perfect creation. Everything in our bodies has a purpose and anything that violates its space is expelled through a myriad of rejection mechanism.


We must consider the seas and oceans of our world to be ‘alive’ in every sense of the word. They are also extremely unforgiving and a plane crashing in to any one of them would, without any shadow of a doubt, cause it to regurgitate debris continuously until it was satisfied there was nothing loose in its proverbial throat to cause further irritation and the resulting spasmodic rejection reactions. Debris that is contained within a contained environment will remain within the bowels of the ocean for eternity waiting for it to be discovered.


The conclusions arrived in this document are from articles posted in the internet, books and research documents, all of which have been around for some period over the past two years. It also stems from the knowledge that we humans with all the technological advancements available to us have landed men on the moon and explored distant planets. The age of electronics has given us a multitude of resources to survey every square inch of the surface of our world, either overtly or covertly, and yet we cannot solve the mystery of a vanishing B777 “Why?” These three letters bear the complete weight of this mystery. Answering the “Why” will open the gateway to the “Where” and whereabouts of 238 or 239 souls.


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