Northern Routes and Burst Frequency Offset for MH370, Victor Iannello

Ruf Franz

Excellent that you are picking up the northern route possibility again.  The southern routing was one considered being flown on autopilot without human intervention after the turn south, assuming some technical failure or suicide scenario.  Thus the supposed routing was constant altitude constant speed and constant track, which fullfilled the BFO data as well. Your northern routing assumes an active intervention to end the flight with a landing on some airfield to the north, which I do not doubt. But this flight would have most probably a different altitude speed and track behaviour than the southern routing due to military and civil surveilance radars of the overflown countries.  It is just not possible to fly an airliner in FL 350 on your routing without being detected by some radar of India, China or Pakistan. If the flight took on  a different identity  to hide its true flightnumber, than still the flightplan of this spoofed aircraft would be available. So I think your longest range routing is not probable if considering the radar threat.A flight to the north by some trained pilot over populated areas would be executed in a way to stay out of radar ranges as long as possible which can only be done in an altitude below 10.000’ and thus with a lower groundspeed and variable tracks.  This would yield the northern path more to the east than your path and it would reduce the range flown in the available time.  The landing place would be in China. Only for discussion you might look for a rooting through Myanmar to Qambdo Bambda airport.    

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