Possible MH370 debris sighting in SIO

UPDATE (Jan 2018) CTBTO acoustic data re-analyzed

Notice how well this flight path aligns with contrail spotted in satellite photo on March 8th 2014 in SIO!

Figure 1: Estimated Impact Zone.

I believe the plane that crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean (SIO), which is believed to be MH370,  glided "under active control" up to 125nm further South of 7th arc making this search zone consistant with imagery data ,acoustic data and Inmarsat data. This convergence in these 3 data sets of data in my opinion proves this is where the "Isat plane" crashed in SIO.


The only question is; "Is this plane actually MH370 or is it a decoy?"

I am currently seeking Oceanographers to help me do an accurate reverse drift analysis on each of these debris pieces, over a 8-18 day time period only. By using the satellite imagery metadata it can tell us the most probable impact zone of where this plane actually crashed by triangulating all the reverse drift data of the following debris pieces which i believe will indicate that the most probable impact zone is somewhere within this red zone where the acoustic data triangulates too. . The only assumption in this theory is that these images of debris pieces are pieces of an airplane that crashed in the SIO.  This satellite photographic evidence and the acoustic evidence I believe are our best hope of finding this plane and this method should tell us where the impact zone is within a reasonable accuracy. My contact info is below, Ken S.

It should be noted that "active control" can either mean pilot control or remote control (i.e. drone).

Satellite Imagery data

Here is some satellite photographic imagery of possible MH370 debris captured in the Southern Indian Ocean. (Most of the links are no longer active because Tomnod has archived all this data unfortunely, however I have made screen captures below.)

Click on "X" in intro message to see maps

Tail Fin?         http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/mh370_indian_ocean/map/18bxhyc0

Cockpit ?        http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/mh370_indian_ocean/map/18sx2gy67

Fuselage?     http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/mh370_indian_ocean/map/18rx1uy37

Fuselage ?     http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/mh370_indian_ocean/map/18sx2sy79

Wing             http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/mh370_indian_ocean/map/18sx2wy7q

Additional debris maps




Metadata and map locations for these image maps 18s and 18b

18b - https://t.co/72uWjwoAtL

18s-  https://t.co/cd3D9JgsF9

DigitalGlobe Imagery

Here are some comparison images between the Tomnod image maps online and the maps listed on the DigitalGlobe website. This comparison of cloud formations proves that they are both from the same image and the Metadata of the image tells us the debris's approximate location.

Remember that dimensions of these objects are approximate due to perspective and veiwing angle, you cannot get a precise measurement because of this but we can see that these objects are well within the ballpark measurements (see Figire 15)  and geometric shapes to make them qualify as potential 777-200 debris parts.

Figure 2: Possible Nose Cone


Figure 3: Possible Tail Fin


Figure 4: Possible Fuselage piece

Map # 18rx1uy37 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzakhbspk3vk59n/MH370_debris_18r_v2.jpeg?dl=0


These images courtesy of Patrick Tissot








Map # 18sx2vy7q https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihx4enkp0v5wotd/debris%20secteur%20aile.jpg?dl=0

Additional objects spotted in maps 18e (images courtesy of Maggy Trust)


Map # 18ex14y36 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7e5hd57s0tab85i/18e_debris_v1.jpeg?dl=0

Additional objects spotted in maps 18r (images courtesy of Becky Corbett)

Map # 18rx3ay36 https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9vg8p46nkdrheh/MH370_debris_18r_v1.jpeg?dl=0

Additional debris images courtesy of Patrick Tissot - UPDATED March, 2017

Map # 18bx7y67 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ab0ob6afo0g1vjl/ktO5adI5.jpg%20large.jpeg?dl=0

Map # 18sx9y31 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8c4zf3pso3wk3r/i_lJiCV9.jpg%20large.jpeg?dl=0

Map # 18sx9yfs https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrrtevb8yiblsyt/qBnodNuJ.jpg%20large.jpeg?dl=0

Map # 18sxcyfp https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpztrlj7o4ucvtc/0oizOwHr.jpg%20large.jpeg?dl=0

Map # 18sxcylj https://www.dropbox.com/s/jebjume0k7rs7hs/X6g_Z7IC.jpg%20large.jpeg?dl=0


FIGURE 4: 777-200ER/-300 dimensions




FIGURE 6: Location of debris in map 18b

FIGURE 7: Location of debris in map 18s

FIGURE 8: Here is an object captured by DigitalGlobe, and publish by the Australian Government, from March 16th, 2014 just to the West of the other debris pieces on this blog. If this piece is associated with these other debris pieces it indicates that the debris field was moving from West to East along the 43S Latitude.

Figure 9: Here is a graphic published be the Australian Government showing where several debris fields were spotted in March 2014 by satellite.

FIGURE 10: Contrail flight path

Dr. Bobby Ulich Addendum #4 - MH370 Contrail Data and a New Route Fit 

Figure 11: MH370 Contrails in Visible Images Taken After Sunrise in SIO




FIGURE 14: Location of Tomnod Maps

FIGURE 15: Location of debris

FIGURE 16: SIO Forward Drift Model, click on image to animate model.

Here is a forward drift model from this area (Lat 43S Long 96E) where this possible aircraft debris was captured in these satellite images showing how and where this debris would have drifted to. Click on picture to animate,

FIGURE 17: Forward drift model and Kangaroo Island piece.


Interstingly the forward drift model shows no possibility that any of this debris could have drifted towards Africa however it does show that this debris would have drifted East and towards Southern coast of Australia. Could the debris piece found on Kangaroo Island, on Australia's southern coast,  be related to this debris field spotted in SIO? If these are pieces of the airplane which transmitted the Inmarsat data that crashed in the SIO it cannot possibly be MH370 based on this drift model and if the Kangaroo Island piece is part of this aircraft the ATSB has already said it's not from a B777. Based on analysis of this photo the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) believes it is a piece from an aircraft.  If these are pieces of an aircraft then what aircraft crashed in the SIO that is not MH370?

Acoustic Evidence:

LANL Report
Cape Leeuwin acoustic event on March 8th, 2014

Ile Amsterdam acoustic detection:

Speed of sound in seawater:

Contact info: Should you wish to send me images of possible debris in these Tomnod maps or images of possible contrails on March 8th you can contact me at this email address: kstaubin@hotmail.com



Ken S Twitter @kstaubin

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Sy Gunson
Heading of Contrails

Kirill I neither dispute the contrail (shadow) nor the general conclusion where MH370 ended up, however the heading of the contrail leads back to Malaysia not to Aceh. You seem to miss this vital point. It is vital because MH370 could not have made a detour around Aceh and had the fuel to reach 43 South, therefore the contrail actually disproves the Straits detour.

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