In the Right Place at the Right Time : Observations by Kate Tee and Marc Horn

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MH 370 Mystery - In the Right Place at the Right Time :
Observations by Kate Tee and Marc Horn

Below is a summary of my pleasant and fascinating interview with Kate Tee and Marc Horn about their observations from March 4 to March 8, 2014 aboard their beautiful sailboat.

Naval exercise ???

On the nights of March 4 and March 5 both Kate and Marc observed a large bright white glow over the horizon to the southeast, traveling parallel but slower than they were. They estimate the glowing lights were about 180 Nautical miles west of Banda Aceh at a bearing of about 250 degrees from that city. At first they believed the source of the light was a large cable maintenance ship or naval flotilla since the glow was brighter and larger than that generated by fishing boats.

Over time the glowing lights followed approximately the same course they were, generally from west to east, but at a slower rate (less than 100 nautical miles per day). Subsequently on March 5 they crossed the underwater cable so the cable became

 to the north of them, but on the night of March 5 the glowing lights were still to the southeast of them.

This convinced them it was not a cable maintenance ship, but rather a flotilla of Navy ships. The glow of lights were as bright as if a small city lay over the horizon, but there was no land there .., only water. By the nights of March 6 and 7 they had moved farther north and did not see the white glow.


On March 7 about noon they came across a black buoy like none they had ever seen before. It had no flag, and appeared to them of military origin. The location of the buoy was about N 5°59' , E 94° 11' (shown precisely on map) Later from pictures they identified it as an acoustical target buoy or one part of an acoustical target array.