What Really Happened to MH370? The Witness Stories.

Updated February 2018

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This theoretical MH370 flight path model is based on ear and eye witness reports that were reported by various witnesses who believe they saw. or heard MH370. as well as satellite imagery and logical speculation based on these reports. After studying these witness reports for the last year I have become convinced there must be some truth to the story these witnesses are telling us.

This cannot be just a coincidence that when you just happen to layout 30+ random witness reports on a map, and look at them in chronological order by geographical location , they seem to describe a flight path of a plane, that looked very much like MH370 to them.  Hard to imagine that all these witenesses saw a mirage, or  just happen to see another commercial jetliner flying at low altitude on fire at same time MH370 goes missing and some world airline forgot to report that incident to the public. More likely the jet these witnesses saw was MH370 than any other plane on Earth.

If we consider the premise that the witnesses are telling us the truth in this tragedy then we can see how all the experts in the world are wrong because the data they were given must be false or in error.  We can also see how MH370 was commandeered and flown to the Maldives and where it most probably landed. After researching the MH370 tragedy for 30 months I am convinced the witnesses are telling us the truth about MH370 and the radar data and Inmarsat data are just a smoke and mirrors show, created by a decoy aircraft, to cover-up this truth and lead us on a wild goose chase into the SIO based on this false data.



Based on these eye and ear witness reports I believe this is what happened to MH370 after it disappeared from radar near IGARI at 17:21 UTC.

Shortly after the transponders were turned off after the waypopint IGARI, at 17:21  UTC, MH370 begun to bank clockwise and then did a nose dive descent to get down to low altitudes as quickly as possible in order for them to evade radar as quickly as possible. During this exteremly rapid nose dive descent MH370 briefly exceeded MACH 1 and broke the sound barrier creating a sonic boom which was heard by 8 villagers (4) in Marang at about 17:30UTC. Once the plane got down to lower altitudes in more dense atmosphere the hijacker/pilot was able to pull the plane out of the dive and was able to maintain levelled flight without any significient damage to the airframe structure. report

Shortly after this 2 fisherman (5) in the South China Sea near the Malaysian/Thailand border witnessed MH370 flying at low altitude near their position. One fisherman said " the lights were as big as coconuts". report

At around 17:45UTC a businessman (6) in Kota Bharu notices a low  flying plane over the South China Sea descending rapidly.   report

At 18:00 UTC a farmer (7) in Tumpat, Malaysia sees MH370 flying at low altitude with it's tail fin on fire. The farmer also reports noticing  the MAS logo on it's tail fin. report

At this point it is still not clear to me as to why MH370 was on fire. One possible explanation that I have read is that it may have had something to do with ash cloud particles in the air that came from Mount Sinabung which erupted in Indonesia a few days earlier and a Volcanic Ash Advisory was issued on March 7th. If an aircraft flies through an ash cloud these particles can create friction on the surface of an aircraft and will make it glow orange and make it appear on fire.  


Meanwhile MH370 continued to fly at low altitudes, evading radar,  over the Malaysian pennisula near the Thailand border which is a very sparsly populated region with some mountain ranges. The plane was later seen at about 18:30 UTC by a woman (8) in Langkawi, on the west coast of Malaysia. When she looked out her bathroom window she noticed a low flying aircraft between her house and Mount Raya. She said "It’s the only plane I’ve ever seen flying between Mount Raya and the house." report

At 18:40 MH370 was still flying at low altitude near Palau Perak (9) where it was orginally reported by RMAF Chief General Tan Sri Rodzali Daud who stated that the plane was last detected on radar just north of Palau Perak.  The plane was flying at about 1000m altitude at this location.  Daud later denied this report but I believe his original statement was the truth and he was told to shut up. report

Between 19:20 UTC - 19:42 UTC eye witness Katherine Tee (10) , and a friend on her boat, said they saw a low flying aircraft off the coast of Sumatra "glowing orange" with a trail of smoke following it. At first she thought it was a missile coming at them but as it got closer to her position she saw that it was an aircraft " glowing orange" with smoke trailing it. report Watch Video

Once MH370 was out of radar range from Indonesia it ascended back up to a cruise altitude (FL350) and continued flying for 3 more hours landing at Male Airport (11) at around 22:40 UTC (3:40 AM Local time) under the cover of darkness with the airport controlled by the Maldivian Military and at a time where there were no arrivals or departures at the airport.


(11) Male Airport

Upon landing the plane was unloaded at the north end of the runway where no witnesses would see what was going on. All the passengers, unwanted  cargo, and luggage were off-loaded from the plane and then loaded onto a boat while the plane was being refuelled.  The plane was on the ground for about an hour and then took off towards Thimarafushi airport to unload the secret military cargo that was on-board MH370.

As MH370 flew south towards Thimarafushi it flew at low altitudes to avoid radar detection from the other airports.  At 1:15 UTC (6:15 AM Local time)multiple witness (12) on the island of Kuda Hudvadhoo in the Maldives saw or heard MH370 flying low past their island. One fisherman ( Abdu Rashid) noticed the plane with red stripes on it flying very low and heading past his position towards the south west. He also said he noticed that there was some white smoke coming from the plane and he could see passenger windows on it. report

At approximately 1:25-1:30 UTC 4 witnesses (13) on the island of Gaadhiffushi in the Maldives also witness this low flying plane. One woman said " it looked like a rocket with fins coming at her". Another witness said it had a blue stripe on it and it circled several times near her position.  MH370 was getting ready to land at Thimarafushi airport and they needed to burn off as much fuel as possible to make the plane as light as possible before attempting a short runway (~4000ft)  landing.  report


(14) Thimarafushi Airport

At 1:33UTC MH370, with it's notoriously noisy engines, lands at Thimarfushi airport (14) where a military personel  working in conjunction with the hijackers help to unload the secret military cargo and and refuel the plane.  Once the plane was refuelled and completely unloaded the pilot/hijacker made this short runway take off and flew this plane back towards the Andaman Sea where he then ditched the plane in the Andaman Sea  They wanted to ditch the plane not far from last radar contact so it would just look like a tragic accident. The plane crashed into the Sea while the pilot's buddies came and picked him up by boat. Mission accomplished!

At 6:30 UTC a woman ( Raja Latife Dalelah) (15) travelling on a plane from Jedda in Saudia Arabia to Kuala Lumpur notices an aircraft like object floating the water in the Andaman Sea. Below is a graphic of where her airplane was at this time. report




NO.1: These images, taken directly south of Raja's position,  show possible aircraft debris floating off the coast of Sumatra on March 16th,2014, 8 days after MH370 disappearanc. It should be noted that currents in this part of the Andaman Sea drift from north to south so it is concievable that after 8 days this debris could have drifted south to this location near Sumatra where aircraft debris was spotted in these satelite images.










NO. 4: Villagers heard explosion: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2014/03/12/villagers-heard-explosion-fishermen-net-life-raft/


NO: 5: Two fisherman see low flying jet: http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/19/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-plane-ground-witnesses/

Watch video

No: 6: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2014/03/12/cops-get-reports-on-lowflying-aircraft-and-loud-noise/



NO.7: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http://ww1.utusan.com.my/utusan/Dalam_Negeri/20140312/dn_07/Lagi-individu-dakwa-lihat-MH370-terbang-rendah&edit-text=


NO.8: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1skugrg


NO.9: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/a-baffling-turn-in-mh370-mystery-radar-detects-flight-far-off-course-from-last-point-of-radio-contact




NO. 10: Sailoress Kate Tee sees low flying jet glowing orange, heading west, and she also sees 2 planes flying in tandem (formation) directly overhead at the same time she sees this low flying jet. About 20 minutes earlier she saw another plane flying into SIO , at high altitude, which seems to match the timing of the Inmarsat data (there was more than one plane involved and the others were military) :  http://www.thehuntformh370.info/content/plane-sightings-sightings-kate-tee
Watch Video


NO.12: Multiple witnesses in the Maldives see and hear mystrious low flying jet: http://www.thehuntformh370.info/content/blaines-independent-investigation
Watch Video


NO.13: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B35tmLZHg1FEME9nbVRvakxCRlE

Gaddhiffushi, Madives


NO.14: Article from Florence DeChangy in LeMonde

According to this report by Blaine Alan Gibson there was no flight DQA149 that day based on the official ATC records from the Male airport for March 8th, 2014.https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B35tmLZHg1FESDZaeG4zZ0VYV3c

If there was no flight DQA149 that day then what plane did those villagers see in the Maldives that looked to them like a B777, with red and blue stripes on it,  appartently "notoriously noisy", and had landed at Thimarafushi airport at 6:33 AM (1:33 UTC)? MH370?

It should be noted that Thimarafushi airport is on next island to the south west of Gaadhiffushi where those witnesses saw the low flying plane circling appartently getting ready to land.

Thimarafushi Airport


NO.15: Woman on airplane sees aircraft like object floating in water:  http://skyjuiceiswater.blogspot.de/2014/03/i-saw-missing-malaysia-airlines-flight.html



What this reverse drift study tells me is that it's far more probable that MH370 crashed closer to the Equator near Indonesia than anywhere else in the Indian Ocean. This study convinces me that the eye and ear witness reports are  the truth and  the Inmarsat data and radar data are just false data that the Malaysian Government gave us. This could mean that the data was either fabricated or created (spoofed) by another aircraft.

This study suggests that based on the location of debris in Africa, and reverse ocean drift modeling, MH370 did not crash anywhere near the 7th arc which makes the Inmarsat data FALSE! If the Inmarsat data is FALSE then it's very likely the RADAR data is also FALSE. The study also seems to explain why no debris was found in Western Australia.



Forward Drift Model: Click on image to animate.



I believe this data (Inmarsat/radar)  was spoofed by another B777 aircraft flying under remote control which crashed down here in the SIO just south of the current seabed search area..  If these are debris pieces from an aircraft that crashed down in the SIO it's debris, from this latitude (43S), would never drift towards Africa. All this debris from this latitude (43S) would drift East, into the Antarctica Circumpolar current, nowhere near Africa, but more towards  Australia's southern coast and New Zealand, so if these are parts from the plane that transmitted the Inmarsat data then this plane cannot possibly be MH370.






Because this data contains corrupted data in it I believe that this data is authentic, it was transmitted from an aircraft, but I do not believe this aircraft was MH370. If the data was fabricated I would expect this data to be perfect without any corrupted data in it so it is my belief this data was spoofed from another aircraft. The only thing in this data that indicates these signals  were from MH370 is this easily spoofed 24-bit hex addressed (35200217)  that is known as the AES ID which was contained in each data packet that were sent on these signals. . It is very possible that another aircraft could have been transmitting these signals (from 18:25 onwards) using MH370's ID and Inmarsat would not have known the difference. Inmarsat has also admitted that their network could have been hacked in this way.


I believe the decoy aircraft glided towards the end of flight an additional 50-100nm from the 7th arc. I believe the last two BFO/BTO data (00:19 UTC) are unreliable data and tell us nothing meaningful about the motion of the aircraft at this time. Here's why:




Here is how the trajectory of the decoy flight path fits in with the BTO data. It is essentially the same flight path trajectory as Dr. Bobby Ulich's contrail flight path theory.





I believe MH370 did a nose dive after IGARI and dropped off radar while a few minutes later another aircraft, a decoy, appears on radar and it is this plane which flies at high altitude back towards the Malaysian pennisula ,seen on radar ,transmitting hourly pings using MH370 AES ID, while flying out to the SIO. PERFECT DECEPTION!

Here is an interesting article about John the ATC controller who believed there were TWO airplanes involved. I still don't know the authenticity about this story but nonetheless I found it interesting because it describes my theory perfectly.

So Who did this and Why?

I believe the hijacking of MH370 was a sophisticated multi-Government covert military hijacking involving the use of  a second aircraft, a UAV decoy, to create false radar data and false satellite data to mask MH370's actual flight path and confuse and decieve experts. I believe the objective of the mission was to retrieve sensitive stolen military cargo that was on-board that plane. Here is a link to my speculation on this two plane diversion theory.





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Andaman Islands
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The First Jet to Break the Sound Barrier Was Not the Concorde

This story proves that it is possible for a commercial subsonic aircraft to go supersonic and break the sound barrier during a nose dive for a short period of time and still be able to fly without disintegrating. This test was done in 1961 on a DC-8 so I am certain that a more modern aircraft like a B777 would also be able to do this as well.


Can a B777 land on a short runway (4000")?

Could MH370 have landed on a short runway (4000")? This CNN simulator video shows how it's possible that MH370 could have landed on a short runway  like Thimarafushi


Can a B777 make a short runway (4000') takeoff?

This one did with 300m to spare with just 1220m of runway to make the takeoff.



Can a B777 land on a runway designed for light aircraft?
Can a heavy B777 land on a runway designed for lighter aircraft without damaging the runway?
The ACN of MH370 when landing at Thimarafushi would be about ACN 30, at these weights, which exceeds the recommended PCN rating for this runway (15) however this does not mean the pavement of the runway if overloaded will catastrophically fail. It just means that if this overloading is done regularly on an airports runway it will accelerate the pavement deterioration of the runway and it's service life. Thimarafushi airport was opened in September 2013 and it had only had about two flights per week at that time so it's runway was in relatively pristine condition.
This exert is from a Transport Safety Board of Canada document on runway specifications. When they talk about minor overloading this refers to less than 10% of aircraft movements per year on a flexible pavement runway like Thimarafushi. A major overloading can occur if the runway condition deteriorates to the point in which if it is overloaded it will fracture and break apart. This is why it is important for airport operators to limit these overload conditions to less than 10% of aircraft movements per year to avoid this from happening.
I see no valid technical reason why a B777 could not land and take off from a short runway like this. at least once, without causing any significant damage to the runway or the plane.



Is it possible Raja could have seen an aircraft from 35000'?

Is it even possible for someone in an airplane at 35,000 feet to see a B777 airplane in the water down below?

Someone on Twitter told me it was impossible for Raja to have seen an airplane from an altitude of 35,000 feet flying in an airplane.  Well I started to do some research on this question and this what I found out.

First off, if you can see an airplane flying in the sky leaving contrails behind it then that airplane is most likely flying above 30,000 feet because that is typically the altitude and higher in which contrails can form. So it stands to reason if you can see an airplane from the ground above 30,000 feet then you can probably see one floating in the water if you are 30,000 feet above it. However it has been pointed out to me that contrails on colder days, or in colder climates, can been created at much lower altitudes.


Further more,  someone with "standard vision"  (20/20 vision in English measurements)  has a resolutiuon limit of 1 arc minute, 1/60 degree =.01666666 degrees.  A B777-200 aircraft is approxiamately W 200 feet X  L 209 feet and Raja altitude of her flight at this time was about 35,000 feet. To calculate her resolution limit you divide the length of the airplane by the altitude distance and take the arctangent of the result. This will give you the answer in radians and then you multiply by a factor of 57.2957795 to get the answer in degrees.

arctan(209 ÷ 35000) = X radians x 57.2957795 =  Y°  = 0.342 °

therefore 0.342° ÷ .01666666° = 20.52 arc minutes

This result equals 20.52 arc minutes which is well within the resolution limit of someone with standard vision (20/20).


Another point I would like to make here is that of contrast. A light colored airplane would stand out more on the Ocean surface than in the sky because the Ocean surface is a darker shade of blue than the sky. This is why it might not be possible to see an airplane flying at 35,000 feet from the ground looking up but it could be possible to see an airplane looking down from 35,000 feet against the darker blue Ocean. The retina in our eye's tend to get smaller when looking at bright objects, such as the sky, and allow less photons but looking at darker objects, such as the nighttime sky, our retinas open wider to allow more photons, this is why we can see the distant stars at night.   So greater contrast in color against darker backgrounds will make objects stand out at further distances.  This why it is possible to see a flickering candle at night from very far distances (upto 30 mi) and stars from distance galaxies because of greater contrast in colors against darker backgrounds.


So the answer is "yes"  it is absolutely possible for someone flying in an airplane at 35,000 feet , flying directly over it or close by, with good eye sight, standard vision, to be able to see a 200 foot airplane in the Ocean below.  This is of course assuming it was a clear day with good visibilty which it was on March 8th,2014.

Silk Air Crash


If you read this report on the Silk Air crash you will see that there were witnesses in this incident that also heard a load explosion. It was later determined by investigators that what they heard was the airplane breaking the sound barrier while it was in a nose dive as it  crashed into river on the south east coast of Sumatra.  In this incident the pilot was suicidel and made no attempt to recover from the dive.


Volcanic Ash Advisory for Mount Sinabung on March 7th,2014
Did Mike MacKay see a top secret military jet?

Here is an alternative explanation for Mike MacKay's sighting. If you don't believe this explanation I don't blame you because it is a little far fetched but here goes anyways.

When I was studying the MH370 FlightRadar24 radar video I noticed, like many others, this strange UFO aircraft that pops up around the 2 minute mark in the video and it seems to accelerate at an incredible rate of speed with it's transponder turned on. It seems to just appear in the video out of nowhere and accelerates at an incredible rate of speed. The odd thing about this is it seems to occur around the time MH370 transmitted it's last ACARS message at 17:07 UTC. It also seems to be heading in the direction of where Mike MacKay was located on the Oil Rig around the time he said he saw this strange fireball in the sky. Here is a link to the MH370 radar video. The UFO appears around the 2 minute mark.
FlightRadar24 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnfXwyh-8KY

Mike MacKay's statement: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B35tmLZHg1FEMnR0Yk1JMzQzQ0E
Timing of MacKay's sighting (sometime after 1:00AM MYT  17:00 UTC): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B35tmLZHg1FEc1ZqaG9uWDRNMUU
MacKay's position: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B35tmLZHg1FEell0bXpQZm1QSTg

After watching the radar video I decided to see if I could measure the approximate speed of this plane by doing an overlay between 2 screen captures from the FlightRadar24 video and overlaying the images on Sky Vector to measure the distance during the time interval of 2 minutes. I found that the plane, if it is a plane, would have been traveling at rate of speed of almost 7950 Km/hr (approx. MACH 6). Wow! 

Here is a the graphic I did to measure the speed; https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B35tmLZHg1FEMC1QbVhNTkJ2a1E

Now several people have told me that this is just a glitch in the FlightRadar24 data and planes often will jump forward or backwards because it is jumping from one receiver zone to another. This may very well be the case however this plane does not  appear to be jumping from one position to the other it appears to be accelerating. I still found it very odd the timing of this anomaly and the direction in where it was heading, near MacKay's location around the time he saw a fireball in the sky, so I wondered if this could have been some type of military plane and started to do some research to see what type of military plane could travel this fast, if any.

Several people on Twitter started sending me video's about a top secret USAF aircraft called the Aurora or TR-3B which alledgedly is capable of hypersonic speeds. Before I saw these videos I thought that such a plane was purely science fiction or extraterrestrial but after watching several of these videos I am not so sure anymore.

I will let you decide for yourself if this is reality or not but if we consider the possibility that the disappearance of MH370 may have been a sophisticated military operation with multiple planes involved then I guess this could be a possible explanation for Mike's sighting. It should also be noted that newer modern military tactical aircraft are equipped with ADS-B transponders that can be switched on or off and change Flight ID to any code they want.

Here are some video's of this top secret USAF TR-3B aircraft. At night it looks like a fireball in the sky when it accelerates and is capable of hypersonic speeds. The video's are incredible and I have seen so many now it's hard to believe they are all fake or CGI.




Dr. Steven Greer : The Biggest HOAX in Human History

The stories of MH370 sightings